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We define LEADERS as being strategically placed leaders somewhere in the world with a defined scope of leadership, authority, and decision making.  These leaders are driving non-profit organizations and impacting the world.

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The 4 Needs of a Leader...

In 2002, while completing my graduate work in Leadership and Organizational Design, I set out to interview 300 leaders from countries around the globe to identify what their leadership needs were and if they had things in common. After meeting with leaders in Latin America, North America, Eastern and Western Europe, Southern Africa, and different parts of Asia, I identified four universal needs that they had in common… 

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We define COACHES as being people that are willing to come alongside a Leader and provide their time, share their experience, and engage in
relationship. Coaches don’t have to have all the answers, but they are able to facilitate an ongoing conversation that helps a Leader find their way.

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We define COMMUNITY as that place where Leaders and Coaches come together. Incredible things happen when people spend time together. Relationships are built, vision is shared, we learn together, we challenge each other, and we’re better when we spend time with others on the journey.


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4 Needs

of a leader

The Four Needs are:
Every leader needs to be trained. Every leader desires to be more effective. This is training that helps a leader increase their understanding and their abilities and helps to position them for greater impact.

Every leader needs access to resources in their own language and cultural context, resources that are affordable and available. Resources that are current and that are specific to the leader’s purpose and passion are critical.

While training and resources are important, leaders long for coaching to help them understand and apply principles that can make a difference in their lives and in the growth of their organization. Coaching is an ongoing conversation, not a one-time engagement.

Everybody wants to belong to something bigger than themselves. Leadership is lonely and when leaders have the opportunity to connect with other leaders that are dealing with some of the same issues they are working through, they are energized, encouraged, and reminded that they don’t have to do this on their own. They’re reminded that in coming together as a community, they are no longer alone.

Since 2006, Leader Mundial has created leadership communities around the world to address these four universal needs. I’ve also found that it’s not just global leaders that have these needs, but EVERY leader that has these needs. We think that with all the information available, we can get everything we need online. The reality is that content is just a part of this. The
COMMUNITY is the secret sauce!

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