2014 Resolution

18407875-desk-calendar-representing-year-two-thousand-fourteenHave you thought about your 2014 resolution?

Most of us have a well established attitude about yearend resolutions.  We have had it for years. Some think they are silly so they don’t ever make them. Others never keep the ones they do make. Some take this very seriously and make life changing resolutions but are too embarrassed to talk about them.
I want to tell you this…you do need to make at least one resolution this year and plan to keep it next year.  This is how we grow.  This may be how we can change for the better.  This may be the way for us to find the next step in our life’s journey. Think about it!  You decide to improve yourself in one area, perhaps in an area where you realize you are weak, and work to be a better person.  In fact, what you are doing is making your life a little bit better (a book I am currently working on).
Many of us have grown stagnate, doing the same thing day after day, no change, no growth. Some of us have such a wonderful life that we don’t want change.  Some have such a hectic life they can’t imagine having the strength to change.  But, we all need to grow all the time or we start shrinking.

So, let me make some suggestions to help you with your 2014 resolution.

1.      THINK OF SOMETHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE.  Maybe it is something that you already know you need to work on.  So, name it as your 2014 resolution.  Are you watching too much TV?  Are you carrying a little extra weight? Have you been reading about exercise but realized that you didn’t have time because of your busy schedule? Do you need to spend more time with someone, a spouse, a child, a parent?  Do you need to read more.  Do you need to change how your calendar fills up? Do you need to clean out that storage area?  Maybe it will be something that you have wanted to do for a long time. Well, do it.  Take charge of your life and get it done.  Do not procrastinate.  Make a plan and follow through.

2.      TELL SOMEONE ABOUT YOUR RESOLUTION.  You may need to ask for help.  Let them know how important this is to you.  You will fail if you try to keep this a secret.  If it was easy, you would have done this already.  This will not be easy, so get some help.  Maybe you can find people who will pray for you.  Maybe you will need to give a weekly report to some email friends.  It will probably require some humility, but if your goal is important it will be worth it. You will need some cheerleaders who will encourage you and help you realize your goal.

3.      GET AWAY FROM THE BLOCKERS.  A ‘blocker’ can be those people who tell you that you can’t do it.  Don’t talk about your resolution with them. A ‘blocker’ can be the very reason you have not had success before.  Change your priorities. What is more important, the ‘blocker’ (watching TV) or the goal (more exercise)? A ‘blocker’ can be that excuse that you have come to believe…”I can’t help it”, or, “I tried that before and it didn’t work”. Don’t relive past failures, look ahead to a great success.  Just think what it will be like when you reach your goal.

4.      MAKE IT YOUR 2014 PRIORITY.  Make your resolution important enough that you really take it seriously.  Plan your schedule around your resolution.  Make it this year’s priority.  Set some goals, then set some dates for markers to measure how you are doing.  If you have control of your priorities, you have control of your life. It isn’t what other people think, it is what you think, so, spend time on what is really important.

5.      PLAN YOUR CELEBRATION.  Looking at your plan and how long it will take or when you will realize success, plan your celebration.  No goal is too small to celebrate, especially if it is something you have wanted or needed to do for a while.  In fact, maybe your helpers should plan the celebration.  Make a big deal of your success.  Then, set another goal and go for it.  That’s the way we grow, and when we grow we branch out, and when we branch out we actually provide fruit for others.

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