3 Steps to Innovation

innovation-shutterstock-79952428I was reading an article in the latest edition of “Fast Company Magazine”(www.fastcompany.com) that was reviewing the worlds 50 most innovative companies. It was an intriguing article that simply highlighted things that global companies were doing to reinvent themselves. In a review of one of the companies, the author shared three things that this particular company did that brought “innovation”. I think these things apply to each of us, in whatever company, organization or industry we work in. Let me share them:

#1) Real Innovation is the result of “CHANGE”
Many of us create our vision, our purpose and our strategy, and we refuse to adapt that. We stick with it, often until it dies. Innovation comes when we revisit our vision, purpose and strategy, looking for more effective ways to accomplish the same things. Don’t be afraid of change. Sometimes it leads to renewed vision, and sometimes it brings a complete shift in what we’re trying to accomplish. The world is changing so quickly. If we refuse to change, we’ll wake up later and realize that we’ve missed it.

#2) Real Innovation is the caused by “ADAPTATION”
Sometimes we need a complete “change”. Sometimes, we need to simply “adapt”. Adaptation comes when we take the time to evaluate the things we’re doing, when we take the time to envision what’s coming at us in the future and when we learn from others what’s working and what’s not. Adaptation means that you live with your “eyes and ears open”, learning and adjusting things that will bring greater value. It’s interesting that both of these are about change. There’s a difference between the 2: Change is a complete shift in what you’re doing and why. Adaptation is finding ways to make what you’re doing better. Both are important.

#3) Real Innovation comes through successful “PARTNERSHIPS”
Many of us built our organizations with the idea that we could do it all. We took pride in the fact that we could be independent, that we didn’t need to rely on others. Today, real innovation comes as we are able to develop and nurture successful partnerships. Partners bring value, and they enable us to focus on what we’re best at, and it causes us to rely on these strategic affiliations to help us in areas that we’re not good in. You don’t have to do it all! Learning to work better with partners will help you fulfill your purpose and let you focus. Take the time to develop better and more strategic partnerships. You don’t have to do it all alone!

How are you doing at EMBRACING CHANGE?
How are you doing at ADAPTING?
How are your PARTNERSHIPS developing and evolving?

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