#5) Strengthen Your Personal Evaluation System

successThe Seven Goals of Success

Fifth Goal:  Strengthen Your Personal Evaluation System

We evaluate ourselves every day.  Often it is as simple as looking in a mirror. As leaders, we are constantly wondering how we are coming across to others, how we are doing.  We want to know how that speech went, or how I looked leading that meeting.  Was I fair?  Was I engaging?  Did I listen?  If we don’t have a personal evaluation process, we are tempted to change every time someone says something.  Peer pressure can become overwhelming and fickle.  We will never discover who we truly are.  3 things:

1)  The Power of Compliments.  We love it when our efforts are rewarded with positive comments.  That encourages us to move ahead and continue in the direction we were headed.  We just need to make sure there is no manipulation behind the comments.  We need to be honest with ourselves.

2)  The Power of Critics.  We all have problems with critics.  We want everyone to like us, and we want to do well.  So, check the criticism and see if there is any truth in it.  If there isn’t, move on.  If there is, pay attention.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail.  Just do better next time.

3)  The Power of Self-Talk.  You know when you have done well.  You know when you were prepared, when you have done your homework.  You really don’t need the praise or criticism of others to evaluate your work and feel good about what you have done. It is not the event that matters, it is what you say to yourself about the event that is important.

The ability and honesty to evaluate yourself is a powerful tool that will help the leader through the hardest times.  It will help in the toughest decisions.  You cannot always depend on the reactions or approval of others.  But, if you understand that right is right, as the leader, you know what needs to be done.  Make it your goal to be honest with yourself, to stay away from selfish, self-serving acts, or the desire to impress, and then do the right thing.

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