#6) Learn to be Flexible

successThe Seven Goals of Success

Sixth Goal:  Learn to be Flexible

Adjust, adjust, adjust is the name of leadership today.  Right after that is change, change, change.  Things are moving at such a speed today that a leader can never get settled into the chair called, “I have that solved!”.  A leader has to be flexible with schedules, people, ideas, new concepts and successful, as well as failing efforts.  He has to be quick to evaluate, listen to others and make adjustments.  He cannot be afraid of change.  Even the leaders style needs to be flexible as they try to respond and motivate different workers.  I am not talking about pretending, I am talking about a willingness to approach things in different ways.

1)  Flexibility demands a broad view of things.  You cannot have tunnel vision and only see your way of doing things.  Get as much input as you can.  Listen to people with other ideas, even opposing ideas.  Think it through before you respond.  Ask, “wonder if” questions.

2)  Flexibility demands an openness to new ways of doing things.  A willingness to “try” anything.  The attempt may even be impossible to test.  You may even reject what you know will work in order to explore other solutions.

3)  Flexibility demands a willingness to move ahead without the final solution.  A willingness to co-exist with ambiguity, having things unsettled.  Sometimes you need to do what you can do before you can see the next step.

Flexibility is the lifesaver for today’s leadership.  Things are changing too fast for us to have all our “ducks in a row” before we start moving every time.  One-year plans are replacing five-year plans.  New ways of doing things, new technology, new skills are available to leaders and need to be used to get the job done.  Make it your goal to be a leader who does not always have to have it your way and who can resolve problems and lead the team with an openness and cooperative spirit.

This is the SIXTH in a series of Seven, all talking about SUCCESS.  Read the others HERE.


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