7 Options for Retirees

volunteer_handsI saw this article in the USA Today newspaper by Nanci Hellmich, and wanted to comment on it.

The article talks about 7 different paths retirees can take with their future.  Here they are:

#1)  Life of LEISURE:  Hobbies, sports, passions & interests.  After years of work, some down time sounds great!

#2)  Life of the VOLUNTEER: This can provide meaning and purpose to life.  A life of experience and knowledge needs to be shared.

#3)  Life of the TRAVELER:  Explore the world and see things you’ve only dreamed about.

#4)  Life of ENGAGING NEW WORK:  Doing something completely different from your career path

#5)  Life as an ENTREPENEUR:  Starting something new

#6)  Life as a CREATIVE:  Reigniting your creativity… music, poetry, art.

#7)  Life of a STUDENT:  Going back to learn again, learning something new!

Did you realize that you had all these options?

I work with a non-profit, and I want to comment on the value of #2:  VOLUNTEER.

There are so many opportunities in the world for people to get involved, for people to help other people.  There is so much need for people who care.

One of the ways we involve volunteers is by having them Coach leaders.  Every leader in the world has a need for training, resources, coaching and community.  We’ve learned that by addressing these needs, we can really encourage Leaders and help them to have a greater impact and help them to last.

Don’t underestimate your life experience, your work experience, your ability to encourage and come alongside a  younger leader.  You have so much to offer!  You don’t have to be a professional coach or have started the most successful company.  You just need to be willing to share your life!

Winston Churchill said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal:  it is the courage to continue that counts.”

We help leaders continue and we join them on the journey.

I want to encourage you to come alongside leaders in your life, in your church, in community organizations.  If you’d like to come alongside a Global Leader, please write to me and I’ll share about the opportunities our organization provides for that in the coming year.    Write to RUSS:  rcline@extremeresponse.org

You CAN make a difference in your retirement years.




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