#7) Practice Perseverance

successThe Seven Goals of Success

Seventh Goal:   Practice Perseverance

Some issues are not resolved quickly.  Some have to be addressed time and time again.  Some come back in different forms.  The same is true with people.  They do not always do things the way we prefer, or the way we would do it, or even the way we asked them to do it.  Often the leader is tempted to give in or give up.  We try and try and still make no progress.  It is the leader’s responsibility to keep trying until the matter is resolved or adjusted to an acceptable position.  There are three major areas where perseverance is vital:

1)  In the area of communication.  The leader has to keep working on the communication issues within his organization or team.  There will always be levels of miscommunication or things being misunderstood.  You can never stop trying to do better.

2)  In the area of relationships.  The leader needs to monitor the relationship that he has with people around him.  Bad relationships will not finally “go away”.  They need to be addressed, nurtured and improved.

3)  In the area of problem solving. The leader can never give up. No problem is impossible, some just are a whole lot harder than others to resolve.   You cannot ignore or wait for it to go away.  A problem that needs to be solved must be solved, because it does have a tendency to return.

Perseverance, the ability to hang in there in the toughest times, is a leader’s best friend.  It will see you through the most discouraging times.  The understanding that if you keep the situation in front of you and keep working on it, you will see advancement as a great encouragement.  It may be in very small increments, but if you stay with it,  you will see movement.  Make it your goal to be a leader who never gives up on a project or a person.

This is the SEVENTH in a series of SEVEN called The Seven Goals of Success.

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