A Major Milestone

179262277I don’t mind getting older, but last week I hit a major milestone as I celebrated my 50th birthday.  50 isn’t near as old as it used to seem, and I’m feeling pretty good.  It has caused me to begin some thoughts and evaluation.  This past week I spent some time with my wife talking about the next stage of life, and we’re working on some individual and some joint goals.

I turned to some material created by Bob Shank with The Masters Program, and have spent some time addressing 3 aspects he would call, “Setting Your Benchmark”.  This is broken down into 3 parts:

Part #1)  Recent Achievements

I’m instructed to look at the my top-10 achievement from the last 3 years and identify why this has been important in my life.

Part #2)  Current Conditions

I’m instructed to evaluate where I am personally in a number of different areas such as:  career, finance, parenting, intellectual and physical and others.  Am I “falling behind”, “holding my own” or “setting the pace”.

Part #3) Next Initiatives

I’m instructed to brainstorm 24 “dreams” or “wish-list items” and then narrow it down to my 5 top initiatives for the next season of life.

I’m in the middle of trying to figure out what this means for me.

I teach people how to evaluate, how to dream and how to set SMART Goals.  I know how to do this, but somehow, when I look at the next season of my life, realizing that this is potentially the most impacting and influential time of my leadership and life, I want to take this very seriously.

Aren’t we supposed to take every season seriously?

I don’t know what stage  you’re at today or what milestone you’ve recently hit.  Why don’t you join me in taking some time to evaluate, to grade yourself, then to identify 5 “initiatives” that you want to put time, energy and resources into over the next weeks, months and years.

Let’s make this next season an impactful and influential season for all of us!

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