Affirming Others

photo_16273856_word-on-the-buttonSomeone once said that it takes 10 positive comments to erase the effect of 1 negative comment.  I think this is true!  Don’t you remember that “crushing” word from a friend 10 years ago that still stings?  Isn’t it easy to recall something someone pointed out about you that you didn’t agree with?  It’s amazing how a negative word sticks with us.

Affirmation has the power to erase the negative words, but we don’t do it enough!

When you are in a coaching relationship, you have to use affirmation.

Jeannine Yoder (Coaches Training Blog) shares that there are 3 fundamental ways to affirm a person:


Affirm what the person has done or accomplished.


Share your confidence in what the person will do in their future.


Positively articulating who this person is in their core being.

We need to do this more!  The power of these 3 affirmations is incredible.  Just try it!

•Celebrating others is something we have to do more of. These don’t have to be huge celebrations, but just take a moment to stop, to acknowledge, to praise, to dance, to laugh, to “party”!  It’s amazing what this does for someone.  Don’t you crave that too?  We are so busy, we don’t take the time to celebrate the victories.

•When you believe in someone, and take the time to tell them that, it’s huge!  I’ve learned that many people don’t have people that believe in them and let them know that.  These words bring change, they bring hope, they bring transformation.  Speak truth into other people.  Share the fact that you believe in them.  It makes a difference.

•When you take the time to identify character traits in someone, this is important.  Often we’re praised for what we are able to “DO” not for who we “ARE”.  Learn to do this and to make it a part of your daily conversations.

I can speak from experience, when people have affirmed me, I’ve done things I never dreamed I could have done.  It builds confidence, courage and helps me to take some risks I might not have taken.

Who are you affirming?

How are you affirming them?

Do more of this…


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