Am I A Leader?

team_leader_free_stock_photo_sSometimes leadership sneaks up on you.  You wake up one day and you realize that there are others that look at you, that depend on you and that are following you. This realization might scare you a little bit, but it shouldn’t paralyze you. Michael Hyatt shares: “while everyone has the potential to be a leader, most never take up the mantle. They are content to let others take the risk and do the work.”

Hyatt goes on to share 12 ways you can know if you’re a leader:

1) You long to make a difference

2) You’re discontent and dissatisfied with the status quo

3) You’re not waiting on a bigger staff or more resources to accomplish your vision

4) Your dreams are so big they seem impossible

5) You acknowledge what “is” but inevitably ask “what could be?”

6) You realize that you don’t have to be in charge to have significant influence

7) You refuse to blame others for your circumstances and take responsibility for finding solutions

8) You foster unity by bringing people together and encouraging dialogue

9) You are quick to say, “I messed up and here’s what I’m going to do to fix the problem I created.”

10) You value relationships more than tasks

11) You walk your talk – not perfectly, but sincerely and intentionally

12) You are a learner. You read, listen to podcasts, attend conferences and ask other leaders lots of questions

How did you do? Does this sound like you? If so, you might be a leader.

Hyatt goes on to say that “leadership isn’t about experience, education or talent. It’s about choosing to lead. That’s where it begins.”

I’ve said before, “Everyone leads something”. I believe this is true, especially when you include leading yourself.

When you look up the definition of “lead”, these words make up some of the description:









Great words.

Today, realize that you lead because you choose to, because you want to, because you have been called to.

Lead because you want to make a difference in the lives of others and in the world.

If you’re not ready to carry this mantle of leadership, find someone you trust and respect, and help them be the best leader they could be.


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