Are You Authentic?

IMG_4997The other day I took a suit to the dry cleaners and asked the woman working there how long it would take. She replied that it would be 3 days. I left my suit and the store, and as I was standing outside I looked up at the name of the store: “1 Hr Cleaners”. I walked back into the store, and asked why it was going to take 3 days to have my suit cleaned. She responded that suits take longer. I accepted that. I then asked how long it would take to have a pair of pants dry cleaned. She replied, “2 days”. I than asked about a shirt, and she replied, “1 day”. I than asked what the “1 Hr Cleaners” referred to. She replied, “Oh, that’s just our name. We don’t clean anything in 1 hour.”

I snapped the photo above and have been thinking about that. This store has no problem with the contradiction. I’m sure many people, like myself, go to this store under the illusion that we might be able to get something professionally cleaned in 1 hours.

It didn’t take me much time to get to the application.

Am I being authentic? Do people really see me for who I am?

I was reading an article by Dr. John Amodeo entitled “3 Thorny Obstacles to Being Authentic”. He goes on to share:

#1) Protecting our Self-Image

We are afraid to show our true self and have learned to not be vulnerable. We spend a lifetime trying to be what other people want us to be, and we build up this image that isn’t really us, but it’s what’s acceptable to other people.

#2) Fear of Rejection

We’re afraid that if we show who we really are, than people will drop us and run. We’re sure that our friends won’t like our authentic self so we hide it.

#3) The Shame of Being Seen

Sometimes we’re just ashamed of who we are and we’re convinced that once people see us as we really are, they’ll be disgusted. We see ourselves as being unloveable and undesirable.

I’m pretty sure the owner of the dry cleaners didn’t choose their name because of any of the above obstacles, but I do believe that many of us fall into these traps, and we live lives that are far from authentic.

Take a look at yourself.

Are you being true to YOU?

Are you showing who you really are?

“The authentic self is the soul made visible.” Sarah Ban Breathnach



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