Are You In The Right Place?

This question hit me the other day as I was trying to replace the battery in my pick-up truck, and I didn’t have the right tool I needed. I’ll tell you the short story in this VIDEO.

Isn’t it amazing how easy something is when you have the right tools? Sometimes we spend so much time and energy trying to make something work, or forcing something to happen when it just shouldn’t. Like when I used to clean my house without the best Air Compressors USA, now is really easy because I use the right tools, you see?

I was staring at the picture of the RIGHT wrench on the bolt and the question came, “AM I IN THE RIGHT PLACE?” Of course, that’s the question I’m asking you today.

Probably some of the greatest thought and teaching on “strengths” comes from Marcus Buckingham. He writes a series of books on your strengths and I encourage each of you to read them.

Here are 3 quotes from Buckingham, and I want to comment on them today:

#1)  “You grow most in your areas of greatest strength. You will improve the most, be the most creative, be the most inquisitive, and bounce back the fastest in those areas where you have already shown some natural advantage over everyone else. This doesn’t mean you should ignore your weaknesses. It just means you’ll grow most where you’re already strong.”

*I remember the first time I heard this, a light came on. Instead of pushing people to be mediocre, we need to push people into their natural strengths and gifts. You need to figure out what your strengths are and how you can grow and develop those strengths more!

#2) “There are ‘four keys’ to becoming an excellent manager: finding the right fit for employees, focusing on strengths of employees, defining the right results, and hiring for talent – not just knowledge and skills.”

*If you manage other, you need to help them to work in their strengths. We’ve all seen people who are working in the wrong spot. We’ve probably all been in that spot at one point in time. Don’t just address where you fit, but help those that work with you to find their best place too!

#3) “Strengths are not activities you’re good at, they’re activities that strengthen you. A strength is an activity that before you’re doing it you look forward to doing it; while you’re doing it, time goes by quickly and you can concentrate; after you’ve done it, it seems to fulfill a need of yours.”

*This isn’t simply about doing what you want to do. This is a process of discovering core talents, passions, gifts and strengths. It’s helping people to make their greatest contribution to the organization by identifying their perfect fit!

The year is winding down and we’re approaching 2017. During these last days of the year, take a little time to asses where you’re at today in your role, in your job? Are you working in your STRENGTHS? What percentage of your time are you working in your areas of strength? 50%? 20%? 70%?

A simple goal you might have for this coming year is to determine how you can increase the amount of time you spend working in your strengths. This doesn’t happen overnight, but happens when you’re intentional about it and when you plan for it.

Just like the wrench I found to pull the battery out of my car, when you’re in the right place, things are better. More gets done. There’s more joy in the work. You’re doing your best work.

Be where you need to be!

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