Craig Duffield

Born in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Craig is a family man, entrepreneur, photographer and adventurer. Craig is a relational leader, trainer and public speaker and has over 20 years experience of working with young people, adults and families with local church leadership. His desire to impact lives also led him to launch a non-profit organisation Mosaic Life that addresses humanitarian needs of the homeless and destitute within Port Elizabeth. As a registered tour guide and owner of Mosaic Tourism, he offers people the opportunity to not only travel through but experience the beauty and diversity of South Africa. His life is lived on the principle that it is better to believe that you can, than to always fear that you will never! His favourite quote being:”Fear and faith have the one thing in common, they both believe what you cannot see will happen to you.” Craig is married to Carryn and is the father of two children, Luke and Sarah. You can follow Craig here: Twitter: MosaicTourism

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