Gerhard Duvenhage

Gerhard Duvenhage born in Cape Town, South Africa, and has lived there ever since. He is married to Mignon and they have a baby-girl,  Khanya. As a senior in high school Gerhard has already sensed God's calling on his life - at that stage all he knew was that it was about young people and Africa. In 2007 Gerhard founded Jabulani African Ministries (JAM), during this time he also started studying Theology through a correspondence program with South African Theological Seminary. JAM exists to disciple and train young Africans in becoming Godly servant leaders who can impact their communities for Christ. JAM has 4 bases all over South Africa where leadership camps and community projects are presented; and JAM also partners with other likeminded organizations in other parts of Africa to do leadership training. Leader Mundial has been an big part of Gerhard's personal development as leader, as well as a key aspect of his organization's growth.

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