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Learning to Focus

Zig Ziglar writes, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it everytime.” A lesson that I continue to learn everyday is the ability to FOCUS.  It’s hard to focus.  There are so many distractions coming at us everyday that

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Learning about Partnerships

I’ve been in partnership with many different people and countless organizations over the past 25 years.  In some ways, I would even call myself some kind of an “expert” in partnerships.  I know how they work and I see great

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Living Busy

Have you ever walked up to someone and ask them how they are and they respond, “busy”?  Do you immediately think that they must be really important?  Do you wish you could be busy too?  Do you wish that others

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Learning to Lead Quickly

While standing at the airline counter, I was forced to make a decision.  My flight had been delayed 6 times that afternoon, and there was no guarantee that I would get home that day, so I had to decide if

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Do you value COMMUNITY?

I’m reminded today of the story in Mark 2 when Jesus heals the paralytic man that was brought to him to be healed.  This guys friends couldn’t get in the front door, so they climbed up on the roof, cut

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A Global Leadership Community

This past week I had the opportunity to attend the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.  It was 2 days of fabulous teaching about leadership issues, and as I sat and soaked in this teaching, I was reminded of this larger

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What does “Leadon” mean?

I’ve met many leaders around the world that I would classify as “reluctant leaders”.  A “reluctant leader” is someone who has the ability and a faculties to lead, but they hesitate or they have to be pulled into leadership. There

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Leadon Launch

After talking to leaders around the world, we’ve identified that they have 4 basic needs in common with other leaders. The need for: 1)   Training 2)  Resources 3)  Coaching 4)  Community While there are many other needs out there, these

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Learning to be Aware

Have you ever been a part of a conversation and at some point you realize that you have no idea what is being talked about?  You’ve drifted off, your mind has wondered, you’ve begun to make a list of all

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The Process of Coaching

For many years, I thought that coaching took place when someone older and wiser told me what to do, and I did it.   Whether it was on the basketball court, in my boy scout troop, or with the youth group, there were

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