Balance in my Life

In Zig Ziglars “Wheel of Life” he helps us to evaluate areas of our life where we are out of balance.  When you look at this wheel, what areas jump out to you as being areas that you feel pretty good about, areas that you feel you have balance in?  What areas are screaming at you that they need some attention?

Finding balance in your life means that you address these areas on a regular basis, and you make sure you’re paying attention to them.  You can’t neglect any of these areas without affecting the others.  They are all connected together.

Here are three ways to create more balance in your life:

#1)  Take some time to think, evaluate and listen

We run at such a fast pace that we very seldom take the time to really look at areas of our lives and address issues that need some attention.  Take some time.  Get away. Take a 1/2 day and just go away by yourself to think, journal, listen and clear your head.  Usually our lives are so filled with noise and chaos that we have no idea what it really means to simply reflect.  Balance begins here.

#2)  Set some goals

After reflecting and looking at your life, set some goals.  Identify areas of your life that you need to change some things, and create some real, practical goals that will help you get there.  Example:  I need to lose 10 pounds, so I will work out three times a week and change my eating habits.  Example:  I need to save more money, so I will track my spending, live on a budget, and pay myself first.

Real goals that you can measure, that you can complete.  Baby steps that will help you move in the right direction.  Balance requires action.

#3)  Gather some people around you to help

If you need to make some changes in your life, find some people that will help you along the journey.  People you trust, people you respect, people you give permission to speak into your life, and people that care about you.  Share your need and share your goals and ask them to help you.  Open your life up to these people.  Accountability helps us find balance.


Living in balance is a constant process.  Keep checking in to see how you’re doing in all of these areas.

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