Be A Better Decision Maker

UnknownDo you have a hard time making decisions?

Do you doubt and question decisions you’ve made?

Does the fear of making a “wrong” decision paralyze you?

John Maxwell shared in a recent edition of Success Magazine 10 questions to sharpen your decision-making skills.

These are great and I thought you would benefit from reading these:

1) What are my options?  Look beyond the obvious.

2) Is this decision mutually beneficial? Don’t think only about yourself.

3) What are the risks? Can you accept them?

4) Is my choice timely? You should be leading the pack, not following.

5) Do I have staying power? You should be able to stick with your choice no matter how much work or sacrifice it means.

6) What are the long-term ramifications? Think beyond the present.

7) Have I asked for advice? Who has the expertise to offer meaningful guidance?

8) Am I afraid to pull the trigger? And if so, why?

9) Am I making a convenient decision or the right one? The choice should match your values.

10) Have I validated my decision through prayer or quiet reflection?

We all want to make better decisions.  This list will help you process through different aspects of making any decision.

The reality is that we get better with experience.  We learn to trust our instincts, we become more confident, we create systems of support and accountability around us, and the hard part, is that we learn best when we make a bad decision.

I’ve made some really bad decisions in the past, and as I continue to grow in experience and leadership, my goal is to avoid these as much as possible, but this is just part of leadership and part of life.

Think through a couple of recent decisions you’ve made.  Apply the 10 steps above and determine if you would have come to the same decision or not?

You will learn as you get more and more experience.

Don’t be afraid of decision-making, but don’t take it lightly either.  People are depending on you and that responsibility is real to do your best with every decision, large or small.

Be a better Decision Maker.

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