Be A Cheerleader

“Two-four-six-eight, who do we appreciate…”

Being a cheerleader is basically expressing appreciation for the efforts of someone involved in a difficult situation. So, let’s talk about how to express appreciation.

Step #1…Getting started with a good habit:

A good way to start in the cheerleading business is to try to express your appreciation to one person every day. Start early. Don’t put it off. Tell a different person, every day, why you appreciate them. It should be more than a ‘thank you’. Make it a challenge to think of what to say and how to say it. You have to be honest, but it can focus on the littlest thing. “I so appreciate how you helped me the other day”, or, “I appreciate how you look when you come to the table”.

You will discover that it is really fun to see people try to figure out how to respond because, suddenly, they have experienced a rush of positive feelings, ‘warm fuzzies’ I call them, and none of us have much experience responding to warm fuzzies.

Step #2…Bounce it off others:

After a solid month of ‘getting started’ and being successful sharing appreciation with a person a day, start sharing your appreciation about another person each day. Tell person ‘A’ what you appreciate about person ‘B’ in a positive way. For example, during a conversation, as the conversation mentions a person’s name, let that be a trigger for you to say, “You know what I really appreciate about them?” and then say something you like about that person. It may even be something you have said to them personally.

You will change the conversation and you may encourage others to add something. If the group is like most groups, the conversation will eventually get reported to the person mentioned and your appreciation will be reinforced with more ‘warm fuzzies’.

Step #3…Use the word ‘again’:

If you see change in a person, maybe even in the area of your stated appreciation, then say to them, “I just want to say, once again, how much I appreciate…” and share your thoughts. Repeating your stated appreciation is an amazing reinforcement of positive behavior and can actually result in an increased effort to respond appropriately.

You can actually help someone else develop positive habits with positive reinforcement such as repeating your appreciation for them. But, be sure to be honest, not manipulative.

Expressing appreciation is indeed positive reinforcement, and positive reinforcement is a powerful, yet under used, force in helping people be who they want to be.

There is power in being appreciated! So, get started! Two-four-six-eight, who do we appreciate?

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