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images-1Let’s face it… sometimes it’s just MORE WORK to do something with more creativity.

As leaders, we are often looking for the easiest way and the quickest way to get something done. We’ve got too much on our “to-do list”, we don’t have a lot of energy, so we look for easy and quick.

I want to tell you: easy and quick is not the best way to do something. I would argue that when you choose “easy and quick”, you are doing a disservice to your staff, to the mission of your organization, and to yourself.

I was recently reading a blog on creativity, and the author wrote this: “Creativity isn’t something you DO – it’s a way you approach life and everything in it.” (Annie’s Post)

Often we approach creativity by adding it to our list, instead of making it a habit and the way we approach everything that comes across our plate: our staff, our organization, our board, our family, our community, our church.

Creativity adds LIFE to everything we do!

I had a music teacher in Junior High School that approached life with creativity. He dressed creatively (some called it crazy, but when you’re in Junior High, it’s really cool!), he wore his hair crazy, he taught his classes with life and energy, and he was different than any other teach I had ever had to that point. He also instilled in my life a love for classic rock music and I find myself often humming the songs he taught us to sing.

I had an English teach in High School that realized that you can teach a lot of English by getting out of the classroom. I remember when our class went to her home to learn to make bread and then we wrote about it. That day and the lessons still stand out to me. She was unconventional, but she was still committed to teaching.

When you’re creative, you’re not compromising your purpose, your HIGHLIGHTING it.

So, as we finish or focus on creativity in leadership, let me encourage you with a couple of things:

#1) Being Creative Is MORE Work, but it’s ALWAYS worth it!

#2) To become more creative in your LEADERSHIP you need to add creativity to your LIFE!

#3) People ALWAYS remember creativity or even the EFFORT towards being more creative.

#4) It’s EASY to do things like you’ve always done them, but this doesn’t make that RIGHT!

#5) In your SEARCH for greater creativity, you’ll have FUN and you’ll experience some JOY if you’re looking for it.

As I write this post to you, I’m writing it to myself. Next week I have a 1-hour presentation, and after looking at my notes and my slides, I realize that it’s boring, it’s predictable and it’s non-engaging. I need to re-work this presentation because I want it to be memorable, impactful and life-changing!  Back to the drawing board…

Tip Sheets on CREATIVITY

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