Be A Dad

Here in the United States, there’s a movie poster plastered everywhere.  It advertises the new “Lion King” movie.  The movie first came out in 1994 as an animated musical adventure film.

The new poster has something added, a statement at the bottom of the poster.  It reads:  “Take time to be a dad today”.

It does take time to be a dad, especially for a dad who has leadership responsibilities.  Dad’s have their own agenda, especially when it comes to “free time”.  Fix this, watch this, read this, do this.  All dad’s have a wish list and are just waiting for the right time.  It takes part of that “free” time to be a dad, to do stuff with your kids that is not on your “want to do” list.

So, today, be a dad!  Take the time to sit down and ask the kids a question and then just listen.  Do something they want to do. Play a game.  Read a book. Take a walk together.  Give them time and give them yourself.  Touch them, look them in the eye.  Tell them you love them, that they are doing OK.  Find something very positive to say to them and say it with all your heart.  Keep it positive so that you encourage them instead of discouraging them (Colossians 3:21) and, don’t wear them out with criticism (Ephesians 6:4).

It indeed needs to happen today!  If we keep putting it off, the kids will be gone and it will be too late. Then we are filled with “I wish I had….” when we think of our kids, or, we set the pattern for them to do the same and just keep the generations starved for what they really need:  time with dad.  So, if they are outside, call them in and tell them one positive thing while your hand is on them.  If they are in bed, go in and sit beside them, right now.  Wake them up and tell them how proud you are to be their dad.

Make your meal times fun times.  Let them talk, laugh, tell stories. Don’t use that time for discipline.  Use it to be a dad and love them.  And men, whatever you do for and with your kids, you need to do with your wives too!

Leaders:  Take time to be a dad today!

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