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3d-leader-with-team-10062639We’ve been talking about management and hopefully providing you with some tips, ideas and tools to use that will make you a more effective manager.

The reality is that all of us can do a little better, and the word that comes to mind when I think about being a manager is INTENTIONAL.

This week, I had a meeting with a volunteer that is doing some work with us, and we spent some time together and it was encouraging, affirming and exciting, simply to talk, dream, plan and look ahead of us.

Sometimes management is simply taking a genuine interest in those that fall under your leadership, spending some time with them, and helping them grow and develop.  The amazing thing, is that when you do this, you are helping your organization.

Don’t you want the best from those that are working with you?

Kristi Hedges writes an article in Forbes Magazine that really captures the basics of management.  She calls it, “Five Things Great Managers Do Every Day”.  I think it sums up what we’ve been talking about over the past couple of weeks and provides some simple action points.

If you want to improve your management and be a better leader, start with these 5 things.  If you’re not doing these things, try to make them a part of your daily leadership.

Be a Great Manager!

#1)  Be Straightforward

Trust is the gatekeeper to connection.  A great manager doesn’t sugarcoat bad news, evade the facts, or attempt to spin. Great managers inspire their team by being authentic, direct, and honest.

A Great Manager is Honest and Vulnerable.

#2)  Exhibit Leadership Maturity

When you get to a leadership level, you lose your ability to gripe, especially to those at lower levels in the organization. You are a representative of the organization. You are a leader. If a manager constantly complains about the organization, about policies or the leadership, this is a cancer and you will lose your followership.

A Great Manager Represents the Values of the Organization

#3)   Put the Right People in the Right Jobs

The Gallup organization shows that people are happiest and most engaged when they apply their strengths to their job.  Instead of changing people to fit the job, great managers try to put the right people in the jobs in which they can perform well.

A Great Manager Knows the Team and Puts Them in the Right Place

#4)  Hold Regular, Meaningful One-t0-Ones

Understand the value of holding regular, well-planned one on one meetings with those you manage. Prioritize these meetings and find a healthy balance of direction and relationship. Communicate the importance and value of these regular meetings.

A Great Manager Spends Time Meeting with the Team Members

#5)  Actively Manage Conflict

Successful managers don’t avoid the issues – they face them, head on. If you’re a manager who hates conflict, figure out how to manage it.  Conflict is a constant when people are involved, and it’s simply impossible to avoid it without damaging your leadership capabilities.  Employees want a leader who stands up for them, clears a path, and makes it easier to do their jobs. Avoiding conflict is no longer an option.

A Great Manager Addresses Conflict

If you want to be a great manager, be sure to include these things in your daily focus with your team members.

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