Building Better Relationships

imageThis morning I was sitting with a new friend in Nepal, and we were talking about how having a successful partnership is like having a successful marriage.  It takes work to nurture a partership and it takes work to deepen a relationship.  This doesn’t just “happen”.   We need to be intentional in working towards this.

George P.H. writes about 5 Ways to Build Better Relationships.  Very simple, very practicle, yet things that we often forget to do!  Here we go:

#1)  Learn to Listen and  Understand

We are often too busy thinking about ourselves, and we forget to listen well.  This is critical!

#2)  Trust Other People

All relationships require trust.  Sometimes relationships hurt, but you can’t control this and you can’t avoid them.  Learn to trust others.

#3)  Be Honest About Your Wants

Many times we don’t share our expectations with others, than we’re disappointed.  Learn to be honest and to be upfront with others.  Communicate your expectations.

#4)  Be a Giver

Don’t just be a “taker”.  Learn to be a giver.  Put others needs first.  Encourage others.   Don’t be selfish.  Invest in others.

#5)  Let Go of the Need to be Right

Learn to accept people for who they are.  They don’t have to be like you. They don’t have to agree with you all the time. Don’t be so judgemental.

How are you building better relationships? A little work goes a long way. If you want to develop better partnerships, work on the relationships first.

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