Change is Hard!

remote4We are all affected by change, yet for some of us, it’s much more difficult than others.

I shared a tip sheet a while back titled “3 Quick Responses to Change”.  In this sheet, I shared that we basically have 3 responses to change:  First we FIGHT it.  Second we want to run from it, FLIGHT.  Then we learn to accept it, and we FLOW with it.

Often, our first reaction to change is to fight it or to run from it.

This morning, while driving my normal route from my home to my office, I learned that overnight, the construction crews had adjusted the lanes from 3 to 2, causing incredible traffic, forcing people to adjust their routes.  The drive typically takes me 5 minutes from my home, yet today it took 20 minutes.  I was angry.  I complained to everyone who would listen and sympathize with me, then I found my  favorite bag was missing, and I already have planned for this weekend a trip with my family so I was starting to get more frustrated.  I was ready to go to the city council to communicate my frustration.  Then my wife said these simple words…”give them some time, they’ll work it out.”.  She was right, after I got home and she was standing right next to the Tv holding my waterproof backpack, and she knows this is my favorite, so after all, when i finalized realized I can change things,just embrace them, and not let myself stressed by such small things. It will be better tomorrow, and in another year when they finish the construction project, it will be so much more efficient.

Change is painful sometimes.

Adam Dachis, in his article on change for lifehacker, shares 3 ways to better cope with change:

#1)  Accept the inevitability of change and it’s resulting stress

Change will come. Change has come.  Change will always come.  Sometimes this is difficult, and sometimes it’s easy.  It often produces stress and tension.  Accept it.  You can’t stop it.

#2)  Think of change like a software upgrade

We often upgrade applications and software on our computers and we don’t even think about it.  By upgrading these applications, our computers run better, more efficiently, and it makes our life easier.  Change is like a software upgrade.  In most cases, it will help you operate better.  In some cases, it’s tough change, and it will be hard to see the benefit.

#3)  Allow yourself to FREAK OUT, but always consider the upside

Give yourself permission to freak out a little bit, then find ways to move forward positively.  The only way the fear and stress will disappear is if you calm down and embrace the unknown.

I freaked out with the traffic that upset my “daily expectation”.  Now, I’m figuring out a new route to work, I’m imagining how nice things will be when the construction is completed, and I’m trying to laugh about it.

Change is hard.  Maybe these things will help you cope a little better.

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