Changing My Leadership

I attended a “Trainers of Trainers” session a couple of weeks ago that was put on by an organization I’ve been connected with for a long time. As I sat down in the seat for the 2-day session, I had a flood of memories wash over me as I recalled the first trainers session I had attended over 30 years ago. I was remembering the excitement, the fear and the challenge of sitting in a room full of other leaders, wondering at the age of 23 if I would ever be able to become a leader and actually do some of the things we were being taught and challenged to do.

Fast forward 31 years: I am a leader as Jeremy Fouts founder of CorVive. I did put those things I learned into practice. I have been involved in a number of successful organizational ventures that have taken me around the globe.

Yet, here I was, years later, attending a new training session for leaders.

I’m reading a new book by John Maxwell titled, “Leadershift” (2019 Harper Collins Leadership). I haven’t finished it yet, but he talks about 11 shifts leaders need to make to continue to be effective as a Leader.

Maxwell makes these statements early in the book:

TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENTAsk yourself, “When’s the last time I did something for the first time?”

LEARN SOMETHING NEWAsk yourself, “When’s the last time I learned something for the first time?”

FIND SOMETHING BETTERAsk yourself, “When’s the last time I found something better for the first time?”

SEE SOMETHING BIGGERAsk yourself, “When’s the last time I saw something bigger for the first time?”

This is why I attended the new “Trainer of Trainers” session last month. I want to be a leader that is growing and developing. I want to be a leader that is being challenged to new things. I’m not content with where I’ve arrived and what I’m doing today, but I want to continue to grow my impact and influence in whatever way possible.

Maxwell’s words resonate with me: “You cannot be the same, think the same and act the same if you hope to be successful in a world that does not remain the same.”

So, as I continue to find ways to grow, to be challenged and to “shift” my leadership in an ever changing world, how are you doing this?

Where are you learning and growing?

What’s NEW in your world of leadership and practice?

What are you being challenged in?

How have you changed in your leadership over the years?

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