Coaching 101

coaching“Coaching is the art of improving the performance of others.”  (Essential Managers: Eaton & Johnson ©2001)

We know that coaching is important.  It’s a part of every leaders life, whether you know it or not.

Coaching is an ongoing process of simply walking with others to help them become more effective.

We want to create more resources on coaching. You can visit our pages on COACHING.  We are adding to them on a regular basis.

Here are a couple of thoughts about what coaching is not:  (Adapted from

1)  Coaching is not THERAPY

There are times when you may need professional help from a therapist.  Coaching does not focus on dealing with issues of your past or issues that keep you from being able to perform a task. Coaching assumes that you are ready to go, ready to lead.

2)  Coaching is not CONSULTING

A consultant tends to tell you what you should do.  A coach might challenge you, but really walks with you to a solution to a problem or clarity for your vision.

3)  Coaching is not FRIENDSHIP

A coaching relationship is focused on the person receiving the coaching.  This isn’t about mutual benefit, although that often comes.  This is about one person coaching another.

4)  Coaching is not CHEERLEADING

Sometimes we just want to feel good about ourselves. While this might happen, often in coaching, a coach is encouraging you to change your behavior and your actions to get a better outcome.  It’s work and it’s not always pretty!

Be a better COACH.  Learn with us what this means in the weeks and months to come.

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