Community Again

imgres-1I’m getting ready to connect with a community that I’ve been a part of for the past 8 years.  I’m getting excited about seeing these friends again, about spending the week together, and learning together.  This is a global community of leaders that come from a number of different countries and it’s just good to be together.

We all need community.  I shared this post following our gathering last year:  CLICK HERE

These things are still true:

1.  Community Takes Work

2. Community Changes

3. Community is Trust

4. Community is Fun

5. Community is Life

Something I’m realizing is that there are many people who don’t have community.  They don’t engage with a group of people in any significant way. They know people, they would say they have friends, but to truly experience community is something completely different.

I think people don’t experience community for a number of reasons:

1.  They Are Too Busy

Their plate is too full, and the idea of spending time with a group of people sounds like work.  You have to make space for community in your life.

2.  They’ve Been Burned

A community is made up of people, and people aren’t perfect.  If someone has been burned in relationship, it makes it difficult to engage.  We’ve all been burned at some point and we will be again.  Be gracious with forgiveness and move on.

3. They Want To Be In Control

True community isn’t build around 1 leader.  It’s built around multiple things that draw a group together.   When someone insists on being in the center or in control, it doesn’t work.  Community is a give and take experience.

4. They Are Selfish

People may want the attention on them, or they want others to help them. The idea of serving others isn’t attractive. Community works when people come together to serve, not just to take.

5. They’re Hiding Something

If you have something to hide, the last place you will want to be is in community.  This might be sin, secrets, your past, whatever it is…  Sometimes people don’t do community because they don’t want to be found out. Community works best when people are honest and it’s a safe place.

I encourage you.  Find community.  Nurture it. Engage in it. Work at it.  It’s worth it.


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