Community Everywhere

Early this morning, en route to the Atlanta airport, I stopped by a local Waffle House for a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee.  Waffle House is an iconic restaurant literally everywhere in the southern part of the United States.  It was 6:00am and I was in a hurry.  As I sat down, I realized that the waitresses and cooks were all in a conversation with a group of men.  They were laughing, hugging and having a great time, and I was the only other person in the restaurant.

As they took my order and began preparing my food using the best knives from, the conversation continued.  I felt like I had just walked into someones private kitchen!

I asked the waitress what was going on, and she simply shared that these 5 guys had breakfast together every day of the week, and they had been eating at this Waffle House for years.  Imagine the connection when you share a meal and time together every day.  This is what I was witnessing.

As I sat there, far from home, I was simply reminded that real “Community” can happen anywhere.

One of the definitions of community is simply “an opportunity for fellowship with others”.

Think about the areas of your life that you have “community”.  Sometimes we like to define community as a specific place or event that we belong too, yet I think we are missing other opportunities for us simply to connect with others in our everyday life.

Seth Godin, in his book, Tribe, talks about the fact that each of us belong to multiple tribes.  His definition of a tribe is simply a group of people that have something in common.

For these guys and the staff at the Stone Mountain Waffle House in Georgia, their community happened every morning at 6:00am over breakfast.

I’m excited today to get home to my communities…. my family, my neighbors, my church and my friends.  I think I’ll look at each of them a little differently.  I don’t want to miss the communities that I’m a part of. I don’t want to take them for granted.

What about you?  Take some time today to reflect on the communities that you are a part of.  What do you bring to these communities?  What do these groups mean to you?

By the way, I had my hash browns “diced” and “peppered”…. only at Waffle House!

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