LM 2013I just spent a number of days with a bunch of guys I’ve been journeying with over the past 7 years.  We came together this year again, and I was reminded of a number of things as it relates to “Community”:

1.  Community Takes Work

It’s difficult to build community.  Often we think that it just happens, but the reality is that it takes an effort to build, to stay connected, to give of your time and resources, and to block out other things.  Real community is difficult to create and to maintain, but it’s worth it.

2.  Community Changes

In the normal “life” of a community, there is always that time when everything was “really good”.  The reality is that community is always changing.  You may have those times of greater depth, but with change comes new opportunities, new relationships, new life.  Don’t be opposed to change.  Allow it to come, grow with it, then enjoy the benefits of change.

3.  Community is Trust

When you find a community that also has trust, it’s something special.  Trust allows you to go deeper, be more honest, even be vulnerable.  With trust, you’re able to go places many aren’t able to go.  Be willing to risk, be willing to challenge. The rewards will be immense.

4.  Community is Fun

Coming together with people who you have built relationships with, with people who you are just getting to know, is fun.  Engage with one another.  Laugh together.  Share life together.  When you become a part of a community, you can enjoy it all, or you can limit your engagement.  When you dive it, it’s a lot of fun!

5.  Community is Life

The support, encouragement, honesty and friendship that comes from real community is critical.  Where else do you find this?  Being a part of a healthy community will give you life!  It will help every aspect of your life.  Don’t underestimate it.



To the guys from the Leader Mundial Global Leadership Summit, thanks for doing “COMMUNITY”.  Incredible! 

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