Controlled Chaos

imgresWhen crisis comes, we tend to abandon all that we know and believe in order to respond to the crisis.  Sometimes a crisis demands this kind of attention, but sometimes we are better leaders when we’re able to address the crisis from a position of balance and control.

Kevin Daum shared “8 Tips for Staying Calm and Steady in the Storm” in Inc. Magazine.

The points are his, the comments are mine.

#1)  Maintain Your Routine

“When things get hectic and excited, people tend to abandon what they’re doing so they can put out fires.” (Daum).  I encourage you to not ignore people around you, your other responsibilities, or yourself.  Take care of these things, and you’ll respond to the crisis better.

#2)  Take a Break

Often we get stuck running from one crisis to another. Stop.  Take a step back.  Look objectively at all the situations. Sometimes this might mean you get some sleep.

#3)  Slow Down and Breathe

“When you try to move to quickly, it’s easy to get careless.” (Daum).  Be careful.

#4)  Identify and Manage Your Stress Points

You need to know your “hot buttons” and what brings on stress in your life.  You can’t help others if you’re out of control.

#5)  Call for a Timeout

In the midst of the storm, take a “timeout”.  This might be just a 5-minute break.  These breaks bring perspective and objectivity.

#6)  Keep Perspective

Don’t get distracted as you move from crisis to crisis.  Identify what’s important and address it.  Stay on course.  Finish.

#7)  Control What You Can Control

There are some things you can’t control and you can’t fix.  Identify and define these. Focus on the things that you can address and that are measurable.

#8)  Smile

Watch your attitude, keep your cool and relax in the midst of the storm.  This is tough, but essential.  A smile eases the stress in your life.


Today, we’re watching the world respond to the crisis in the Philippines (November 14th, 2013).  People are working in crisis. Leaders are at the end of their rope. People’s lives are at stack.  It is a stressful and critical situation.

Sometimes in the midst of the crisis, there is no way you can address these suggestions.

What we need to do is learn to bring these into our lives and leadership in any crisis. This way, when the big ones hit, it becomes a part of our natural response and our natural leadership.

Today I pray for leaders, organizations and many people responding to the crisis in the Philippines.  These people need to manage their lives through this crisis.  I pray especially for the leadership team of Extreme Response in Asia, that they would be able to respond, connect, and serve people in need.


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