Cross-Cultural Leadership Needs

k2075305I was recently with a group of international leaders, and I was reminded again that it doesn’t matter what culture or socioeconomic situation you find yourself in, leaders around the world have a set of common needs.

Leaders have many needs, however I’ve found there to be 4 that are common among leaders across the globe.

Leaders have the need for:

#1)  Training

We all want to learn and grow.  Training provides opportunity to expand our knowledge, to learn from others and to push ourselves in an ever-changing world of leadership and organization.

#2)  Resources

Resources come in many different ways.  We may be talking about books, journals, articles.  We may be talking about culturally relevant case studies or courses.  We may be talking about the financial support needed. We might be talking about human resources.  Leaders need resources to advance their cause.

#3) Coaching

Training brings learning to leaders that will expand their knowledge.  Coaching is helping them to apply that knowledge into their application.  We often focus on sharing information, but we don’t do enough in the area of coaching.  Leaders long for help in the personalization and application of training.

#4) Community

Leadership is lonely.  Leaders around the world want to feel that they aren’t alone.  Leaders want to feel that they’re a part of something much bigger than themselves or their organization.  Community brings relationships.  Community brings inspiration and accountability.  Community brings incredible value to lonely leaders, enabling them to continue another day.

If you are a leader today, find ways to address these 4 areas of your life.  By addressing these, you will become a better leader.  You will last longer, you will be more effective and you will have a bigger impact. You, your organization and your beneficiaries all benefit.

Recently, I was reminded again:  When these 4 areas are addressed with the key leader of an organization, it trickles down throughout the organization as that leaders seeks to provide these things for the entire staff or team.

Don’t ignore these things.  Don’t get so busy that you forget to address these common needs.

Be a leader that lasts.

4 Needs

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