Determined Leaders Don’t Give Up

DeterminedI wrote last week from Manila about the crazy amount of rain we experienced when a monsoon came through parts of Asia, hitting Manila and other parts pretty hard.  I wrote about the idea of rain and floods that “knock us back” and how sometimes it feels like it will never stop raining. (read the blog post HERE).

As I spent the week with our Filipino team, another word emerged:  DETERMINATION.  I posted a short tip sheet on determination (read HERE).

Now that I’m back, I see a correlation between the two:   When the “rain” comes, it pushes us back, but it takes “determination” to push through it, and move forward!

While in the Philippines, during the storm, we saw people s “determination”.  When the storm it, things were real quiet, then people got back to life and to work.  They were creative in how they addressed the crisis.  We saw boats floating down the street, we say pedicab (a bicycle taxi) accommodate passengers by having them sit on top of the pedicab, and having 3 guys push the bike through the rain. We saw air mattresses used to move people and supplies around the streets, we saw vendors wading waist deep in water to sell their products.  We saw people selling umbrellas all over, we saw large trucks convert to people transporters.  People did what they had to do.  They didn’t just sit and wait for the rain to end, they moved forward.

They day after the huge downpour, while rain still fell lightly, the streets were back, full of people.  Businesses were open, there was cleanup happening throughout the city, and people were back!

Here’s the thought:

When you get pushed down, are you able to get back up again or do you tend to stay down until you can build up the energy and desire to return?

All of us react differently, but I think our level of determination plays a direct part in how we respond.

Think of some leaders of our day that have shown determination:

– Bill Gate’s first business failed before he launched Microsoft

– Winston Churchill failed in school and failed in elections until at age 62 he finally got elected.

– Sony’s first product, a rice cooker, failed.  Akio Morita pushed on to make the company successful.

– Teachers told Thomas Edison he was “stupid”.  After 1000 unsuccessful attempts, he finally invented the light bulb.

The list goes on.  People who were pushed back, people who failed, but they kept moving forward, they didn’t give up, they were determined!

Here are some ways to be “More Determined” in your leadership:

1)  Know Your Mission:    Have a defined purpose and know where you’re going.

2) Know Your Team:     Identify people who can help you fulfill your purpose.

3) Prioritize:  When crisis hits, know where you need to start.  Figure out what’s most important.

4) Know Your Strengths:  Identify what you can and can’t do.  Get people to help with your areas of weakness.

5) Stay On Target:  Finish what you start.  Work the list. Accomplish the tasks and the goals.

6) Evaluate:  Figure out what’s working and what’s not working, and make adjustments.

7) Celebrate:  When you get through the crisis, stop and celebrate before moving forward again.  It puts things in perspective.

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”  Mahatma Gandhi


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