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13616406-creative-energy-efficiency-and-power-saving-concept-isolated-on-white-backgroundKen Blanchard and Robert Lorber said in the book, Putting the One Minute Manager to Work, “People who produce good results feel good about themselves.”

Blanchard goes on to share that an effective leader will make it a priority to help his or her people produce good results in two ways:

#1)  Make sure people know what their goals are.

#2)  Do everything possible to support, encourage, and coach them to accomplish those goals.

Blanchard would call these two things “foundational” in defining the effectiveness of your leadership.

I know that leadership is difficult.  I know that leading others is often a challenge.  However, if we want to be effective, we need to learn to manage the resources of “people who we have around us.

I remember times in my leadership career that I’ve resented the responsibility of having to answer questions and having to spend valuable time on things that don’t matter a whole lot to me.  I learned over the years that when I invested in the lives of my team members, it not only helped us to be more effective, but it strengthened the relationships on my team and the work was much more enjoyable and satisfying.  I learned that the best use of my time was helping other leaders grow and expand, and that exponentially helped our organization be more effective.

I wish I had learned that lesson much earlier in my career. I took advantage of people and didn’t value people the way that I should have.

So, if you want to be more effective:

#1)  How are you helping your team, your staff, your employees to develop good goals?  Are you teaching them how to do this? Are you modeling it? Are you helping them to push themselves further with realistic goals?

I think that we assume that people know how to do this. We all need help in creating and crafting goals that work for us.  Don’t stand back and assume that your people know how to create these.



#2)  As a leader, do you spend your time focusing on your own list of things to do and your responsibilities, or do you spend time investing in your team members?  Do you encourage them?  Do you listen to them?  Do you help them?  Do you help them evaluate?

Many times leadership isn’t about your ability to complete the task, it’s about your committment to build a team of people that can complete the task.  If you are leading an organization and you’re not investing in your team members, you need to either change the way you lead, or change the role you’re in.



Do the work to be the most effective leader you can be.  Develop your team and help them to accomplish their goals.  This will build your organization and help you fulfill the vision!


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