Everything Changes

Lot for SaleThe other day, while driving to an appointment, I stopped by one of my childhood neighborhoods to drive by our old home, to drive through the streets, and to simply remember so many great times as a kid in this city.  As I was turning in, I looked at the “field” that I played on, almost every day.  It’s really not a “field”.  It’s an empty dirt lot.  This is where we dug tunnels, flew kites, launched fireworks and played baseball.  It’s a great dirt lot!  As I was turning out of the neighborhood, I noticed this sign at the end of the lot and I stopped.   THEY’RE BUILDING CONDO’S ON MY FIELD!

Isn’t it amazing how emotion can return quickly, even after almost 40 years!  I stopped, took this picture, and thought about showing up at the public hearing to defend the value of this empty field, then I remembered:  EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us:  “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:”

Change is either initiated by us, or it’s initiated by others, but we have to react to it.

Mark Harrison at ChangeYourLife.net shares 7 tips to improve your skills in managing change.  See if you identify with any of these:

1)  Spend time reflecting on your own core values and your mission in life.

A sense of purpose is essential to success and effectiveness.

2)  Be persistent.

Successful people keep going in the face of change, finding new and creative ways to achieve a positive outcome.

3)  Be flexible and creative.

Keep looking for more creative solutions and innovative responses to problems.

4)  Think outside the box.

Try to see links between apparently separate and diverse elements in your life and experience.

5)  Accept uncertainty and be optimistic.

Life is inherently uncertain, so don’t waste your energy trying to predict the future.

6)  Keep fit and healthy.

This will keep up your energy levels and allow you to keep going in tough times.

7)  See the big picture.

Change is inevitable, but if you take a bird’s-eye-view of the landscape, the change won’t be so disorientating and you will keep perspective at all time.

As change comes, these simple tips will help you respond to it in a better way.  Don’t let change run you over.  Be ready, it’s coming.

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