10—Sharing Your Vision

THE ONE MINUTE STATEMENT…the elevator moment.

Suppose you are standing in an elevator, or you just met someone and they say, “What do you do?” You have one minute before you have an interruption…what do you say?

Basic rules:

  • Be specific—not general, broad or obscure.
  • Be quick—no more than three sentences.
  • Be very clear—not vague, ambiguous or confusing.
  • Be goal-oriented—state yourself in terms of desired outcomes.
  • Don’t ramble or stall out!


1st sentence: Start with your “I Want” statement…what are your expectations?


“I want to help poor people in __________who have limited education. I was shocked when I read that 22% of the children will never be able to go to school.”

2nd sentence: A description of your ministry…this is how you will do it!

OK! After you write out your expectations, immediately write down one long sentence that starts with “I am going to do that by…” or “So, I started a ministry to …” or “I became involved with this work because…” and the rest of the statement should flow pretty naturally.


“So I joined an organization that will be working with the local churches and officials and helping them identify those in need and then set up programs to get them started.”


“I can do that by doing two things right away: first, to ___ and then ___.”

3rd sentence: I will statement…what is your commitment?


“My personal goal is to make sure every kid in at least one village has a chance for some education. Maybe we can find a model that will work in other places as well”

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