8—Setting and Checking Goals


  • How do you decide what needs to get done?
  • Are you as smart today as you will ever be?
  • Do you find yourself saying “I ought to” more than “I must”?
  • How do you handle failure, mistakes, criticism?
  • Do you blame your failure on others?
  • Do you know what needs to be done?
  • Do you know how to make things happen?


  • Why is it you can plan a message, yet fail to respond to an email?
  • Why is it you can run a youth program, yet not lose weight?
  • Why is it you can treat people well, yet neglect your wife?

Three keys to success:

  1. MOTIVATION—The reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior; we did not understand his motivation; he acted with the best of motives.
    • Why am I going to do it? ‘Should’…’Ought’…’Must’
    • Where is my motivation to do this coming from?
    • Am I willing to do what needs to be done to reach the goal?

    Evaluation: Why am I doing this?

  2. STRATEGY—An elaborate and/or systematic plan of action.
    • What needs to be done? Is anyone else doing it?
    • What steps do I put in place to get it done?
    • What about the time schedule and check points?

    Evaluation: Did I plan well?

  3. PERSISTENCE—Persistent determination; continuing or repeating behavior.
    • Do I have the passion necessary to reach this goal?
    • Am I willing to do whatever has to be done?
    • Do I learn from mistakes, failure, criticism…am I a learner?

    Evaluation: Did I do my best?

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