A leader has to be AWARE.

Aware of:

– their purpose and skills

– their weaknesses

– the needs around them

– the strengths of their team

– God’s direction

– the requirements of leadership

– resources available

– partnerships available

– God’s involvement

– the expectations of their partners

– the power of prayer

– the meaning of success

3 Action Steps to being more AWARE:

  1. Learn to ask instead of tell

The art of discovering new things is directly linked to the art of asking questions.  Spend your next social activity asking about the lives and ideas from the other people there.  Learn to ask questions and let their answers direct your next question.

  1. Practice listening instead of talking.

Try repeating back to the other person what you think you heard them say. Be aware that you may not have understood or you may not have heard every aspect of what was said.  There are so many distractions, it is sometimes very hard to focus on what the other person is saying.  Sometimes we even start thinking of our response before they are through speaking.

  1. Spend time thinking about what you heard and its impact on others.

Take time to think before you respond.  Nehemiah spent days praying about and mourning what he had heard.  That gave him time to receive God’s direction.  He didn’t come up with his own ideas and plans, he heard from God and became His agent.  You don’t have to have an immediate response to a given situation… you need to be aware of God’s direction.


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