There is a very fine line between a leader who is bold and confident and a leader who is proud and arrogant.  Godly boldness and courage to follow the leading of God and to take responsibility for your decisions and actions means everything to your organization and work.

3 Action Steps to being Bold:

  1. Choose from where you will get your strength.  Will it come from your own skills and abilities?  Or will it come from your confidence and trust in God?

I have often said that my greatest strength is my confidence in God.  What is your greatest strength?  The answer will help you decide where your boldness is focused.

  1. Ask God to show you where your fears are and ask Him to help you give those areas of fear to Him.

Fear will always try to stop you from moving ahead.  Find out where your fears are and give those areas to God so you can be free to trust God through the tough times.

  1. Learn to move ahead, trust God, and do your best while trusting God to do all the rest.

A leader has to act when action is necessary.  He may not know all the answers, or be able to see the whole picture, but he must act on what he does know and then trust God for all the rest.  He must also be able to correct his direction without pride or fear because what he is doing is building the Kingdom of God under God’s direction.  Building God’s Kingdom or building your own – that’s the choice the Global Leader has.

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