Determination is fleshed out every day as we make decisions, as we set a course of action and as we lead others.

When we’re not determined, we wander.

When we’re not determined, we get distracted.

When we’re not determined, we don’t finish well.

When we’re not determined, we tire easily.

When we’re not determined, we can’t see clearly.

When we’re not determined, we forget.

 3 Action Steps to help you be more determined:

            Know where you’re going!

If you want to get moving, you have to know where you’re going!  You need to determine the course and map the course to get there.  Your ability to accomplish the task is based on your ability to figure out where you’re going.  Don’t get lost without a map!

            Know why you’re going there!

It’s one thing to know where you’re going, it’s another to know WHY!  This is directly tied to your purpose and your direction.  Determining the WHY will make the journey clearer.  If you can’t answer this question, then go back to step #1.

            Know who’s going with you!

Sometimes the journey is just for us.  Sometimes, as leaders, we take others with us.  Know who’s on board with the “where” and the “why,” then take them with you!  Two or three are much better than one.  You can help each other, you can encourage each other, you can journey together.


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