Flexibility is not an answer to bad planning and a lack of good preparation.  Flexibility is the ability to adapt when things change on us.

3 Action Steps to being flexible:

            Plan your agenda and schedule with some margins

Most of the time, we pack our lives with too much stuff to do!  Learn to create some space in your schedule so that when the unplanned things hit you, it doesn’t destroy you.  Create some space and when there aren’t unexpected things there, use the time wisely.

            Learn to determine God’s plan vs. Man’s distractions

Flexibility doesn’t mean that we allow anything and everything to get in the way.  You still need to determine what God has for you and what a simple distraction is.  Learn to discern the difference!  Flexibility is important when God throws a curve at you or when He wants you do to something else, not just when you get bored or uninterested.

            Look for the best in bad situations

When you face something unexpected, don’t spend all of your time whining and grumbling about it.  Look for the best in the situation that you’ve been given.  Sometimes the thing God is trying to teach us comes from the journey, not from the end task.

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