No one wants to work for someone who is a phony.  That would be someone who is one thing to this group and something else to the next group and, perhaps, even something else to the next group… a hypocrite… a fake!

3 Action Steps to being Genuine in your leadership:

  1. Keep your conscience alive

Never get to the position where you think you know it all or where you think you are beyond the reach of the enemy.  Always guard your mind and the things you put into it.  Keep your conscience clean.

  1. Be a worthy servant and train yourself to be Godly

Now, there is a full-time life style.  View yourself as a servant, not as the boss.  Serving God, serving your staff, serving others.  Word hard to serve others.  Then focus on the Godly life.  What can I do to be more like Jesus?

  1. Work at being an example to all believers in five areas:

*  In your words

*  In the way you live

*  In your love

*  In your faith

*  In your purity

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