There is a reason God has allowed you to be a leader.  You have a choice:  operate on your own agenda with pride and arrogance or give yourself to His plan, accept His leadership, and don’t act like it is all your idea.  No one wants to follow a leader who seeks the praise and the attention, who claims all success as his own.

3 Action Steps to being humble:

  1. Admit you are His servant and pray to do things His way

That would mean you yield yourself to Christ and let Him get all the glory for anything you do.  That also means you focus on being as much like Him as you possibly can.  You are serious about asking the question, “What would Jesus do?” as well as “What would Jesus not do?”

  1. Keep your head and remember you can do nothing in His Kingdom without His involvement

Paul meant it when he told the church of Phiippi (4:13), “I can do all things through Christ who is my strength.”  He wasn’t talking about himself; he was talking about Christ.  After all he had done, he recognized that he was nothing and Christ was everything.

  1. Focus on the fact that He put you where you are and has given you the opportunity of leadership

Spend the rest of your life thanking Him by putting Him first and always giving Him the credit and glory for anything you do.


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