Being joyful is not simply being “happy.”  Joy is deeper than happiness.  Joy is “relishing the happiness.”  It’s a much deeper thing.

3 Action Steps to living with Joy:

  1. Choose Joy

We all have a choice in how we react to situations and circumstances. Often it comes in a split-second decision.  Make the decision today to “choose joy.”  Don’t let a lousy situation determine your response.  We have enough grumblers and complainers already.

  1. Be Contagious

Let your genuine joy spread to others.  It’s amazing how a joyful attitude can be used to completely transform others around you.  Don’t hide your joy; show it in your response, in your attitude, and in your actions. Let others see it!

  1. Let It Come From Your Heart

It’s one thing to “show joy.”  We can all fake it.  We can smile or laugh or respond positively in light of a tough situation.  I want to encourage you to allow the joy to flow from your heart; this means that it’s “real” joy.  Joy is given to us by the Holy Spirit.  Recognize where our joy comes from.  As this joy comes from our heart, it will spread to our faces, and others will recognize the real joy we have.

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