No one wants to serve a leader who only thinks of himself. I want to serve someone who is concerned about my personal growth and development.

3 Action Steps on Nurture from Acts 20:25-32

  1. We are to guard ourselves and to guard God’s people.

    The enemy wants to destroy the church. He wants to destroy your ministry. He wants to destroy your people. Someone needs to be standing guard over God’s people so a warning can be sounded when they see the enemy at work. That is the role of a nurturer.

  2. We are to feed and shepherd God’s flock.

    We are to teach, to train, to lead our co-workers to a place of safety. We are to be trusted by them. We are to care for them. We are to pray for them. We are to be on the lookout for the growth and development of others.

  3. We are to watch out.

    Like parents help their children grow, we are to help our coworkers grow. That means we must know them, know their dreams, understand their weaknesses. We are to watch out for them and to warn them when we see danger. We are God’s agent to help them be all they can be as they serve and work in the ministry.

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