What is your goal?

Do you have a goal?

Can you measure how you’re doing?

Do you know why you are doing what you are doing?

There is a reason you are doing what you are doing. That is your “purpose.”

6 Action Steps on Purpose

  1. ASK yourself why you are in leadership and if you are eager to continue in that role. Do you like it? Why?
  2.  BE willing to ask others about your leadership skills and what abilities you need to work on. Ask for the negative as well as the positive comments.
  3. COMMUNICATE what your purpose is. Tell others what you want to happen and see if they support where you’re going.
  4. DISCIPLINE yourself to be a learner. Study, read, pray, ask questions, watch other leaders, figure out what you have to do to be a good leader. Never assume that you have arrived and are good enough.
  5. EVALUATE your purpose, your performance, your goals, your leadership, your motives on a regular basis. It would be great if you had a group of friends to help you do this.
  6. FINISH WELL. That has to be your overall purpose. Read how Paul evaluated his leadership in 2 Timothy 4:6-8.
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