This concept might go against much of what you’ve learned about being a patient leader; however, we’re talking about your ability to respond to needs, opportunities, and crisis quickly. This doesn’t mean that you rush through things and do things halfway. We’re talking about the ability to make good, solid decisions quickly.

3 Actions Steps to be Quick:

  1. Prepare

    In order to make quick decisions, you have to be ready. Surround yourself with people that you trust, people that are smarter than you, and people that can help you respond. Know your vision, know your call. Be confident in what you are doing and be ready to measure and evaluate things as they come to you.

  2. Practice

    We’re afraid to make quick decisions. Practice with small things and gain your confidence. Figure out what your limits and needs are and plan for them. Don’t be afraid… try it!

  3. Listen Well

    The Bible tells us to be “quick to hear” the Word. Listen to what God is telling you. Listen to the voice of the Spirit in your life. Listen to those around you. Trust others opinions, insights and experience. You don’t have to make these quick decisions on your own. Learn to listen to all that’s going on around you. It will help you with every decision you are called on to make. Listen well.

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