Leaders must not only be aware of what’s going on around them, but also be able to feel what’s going on around them. Do you feel what other people feel?

3 Action Steps to being sensitive:

Look around you.

Open your eyes to all that’s around you. Sometimes we pass people in crisis every day, yet we’re so busy and moving so quickly that we don’t really see them and their need. Realize that there are people all around you who are hurting.

Ask yourself “what hurts the heart of God?”

Simply asking this question causes us to imagine what Christ would do. How would He respond? How would He show compassion? How would He show that He cares? If He does it, why don’t you?

Practice Sensitivity

Take the initiative to show you care to people who are in crisis, or to people who are on top of the world. Figure out what being sensitive means for you. It might mean simply being available, it might mean asking the right questions, it might mean praying for that person. There are many ways to respond, but you need to figure out what that means for you, then do it.

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