We are living in a time when “change” is the descriptive word. In every area of our lives, things are changing. We have to keep learning just to keep up.

5 Action Steps to being teachable:

  1. Be prepared to learn. Be open to learn. Be anxious to learn. Set aside time to learn. Clear your schedule. Go to school, and don’t forget that you can always Check your information here for www.famedwritings.com; they are good at doing your studies, especially when you are lazy and want someone to help you with your studies!Image result for learning
  2. Be ready because sometimes you will be learning by observing. You didn’t even know there was going to be a lesson. You went to school on someone else’s experience. Be a good observer. Keep quiet. Just learn.
  3. Be patient. It won’t all happen as fast as you want it to. You will still make mistakes and you will still need to admit, “I don’t know!” But, as time goes by, you will better understand the right and wrong of a situation, of a decision, of an action.
  4. Encourage your family, and your staff, and those you are trying to reach as they see your growth and development. Encourage them as you teach them.
  5. Be better than you are now! The more you learn:
  • The better you will respond in different situations
  • The better you will think things through
  • The less uncertainty and insecurity you will experience
  • The better you will do at communicating what God wants you to communicate.
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