We all want to be used by God. We want our lives to count for something, and we want to be used by God to impact His Kingdom and all of Eternity. Sometimes in our quest to be used, we focus so much on what we can “do” that we forget to focus on who we need to “be.”

3 Action Steps to being useful:

  1. Do you want to be used?

    The first and most obvious question is simple: do you really want to be used by God? Answer that question honestly. Sometimes we are really comfortable with the sin in our lives and we don’t really want to change. We’re content doing “good” things, but we aren’t willing to work on who He wants us to “be.” Answer this question before you move on.

  2. Are you willing to work at it?

    This takes work. It doesn’t happen easily. It’s not something you can focus on when you don’t have anything else to do. Are you willing to really work on this? Are you willing to put the discipline in your life that will protect you and make you worthy of being used?

  3. Do you have help?

    Often, this is something that you can’t do alone. You need others to walk with you. Do you have a group of people that you can be honest with? Is there someone who knows your deepest struggles and secrets? Is there someone who will walk with you and offer you accountability and support? Is there someone who will pray for you regularly and encourage you? You can’t do this alone. Do you have the help to make it?

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