Vision is when you can look at a problem and somehow work through the options to determine the solution. Vision is the power of imagination, the ability to create ideas, situations and/or solutions in your mind.

6 Action Steps to realize your vision:

  1. Visualize what you think needs to be done. Ask the question, “what can I do?” instead of saying, “somebody ought to do something!”
  2. Investigate what others are doing. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If someone else is doing what you feel needs to be done, perhaps you can help them.
  3. Schedule action steps…build a plan…talk about what god told you to do. Bring your staff together with you.
  4. Initiate think time and conversation. Accept other ideas. Let others become a part of solving this issue.
  5. Own it! Don’t pass it off! It is your vision! There is a reason God gave you the idea or vision. Like others in the Bible, He knows what you can do. Maybe you were put in the position you have for just this moment.
  6. Never say “I can’t”…you can through Christ! God will help you find your way through the obstacles and problems.

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