A real leader must be willing to step up when they have to, but has to be willing and able to allow others to lead as well. Sometimes you need to yield to others, giving them the opportunities that were once given to you.

3 action steps to learning to yield:

  1. Know your role

    An important place to start is simply in knowing your role, knowing your strengths and knowing how to lead. Knowing these things will help you as you work with other leaders.

  2. Identify other leaders

    When we talk about making space for others to lead, we’re not talking about allowing anyone to do anything. You must invest your time and energy in identifying the “right” leaders…. People who have gifts, desire and who are willing to put the work into it. When you find these people, then you begin to give them space to lead and you help them grow in their leadership.

  3. Make space

    When we “yield”, we’re not talking about just giving people the jobs that we don’t want. Yielding is allowing people to work in their strengths, even when that competes with your strengths as the leader. Be confident in who you are, so confident that you’re not threatened when you make space for someone else to lead and they actually do a better job than you would have done. Celebrate their success. Cheer them on. Affirm them. That’s what leaders do.

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